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Ensemble offers unique workshops.
All these workshops are designed to enable and empower participants to realize their inner potential and in-born skills.
Some programs may not be on hold at this moment, we are welcome if you would like us to organize one for you

Cooking Class

Our cooking workshops use fresh and high-quality materials and provide the most unique cooking experience. If you are an expert, join us and enjoy the cooking journey; if you are a rookie, we will help realize your cooking potential that we believe everyone is born with. You will gain more insights in healthy lifestyle in these workshops as well.
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Crafting Workshops

Our crafting class ideas are all around reuse, recycle and reduce. And we will prepare the materials and our role is only to inspire you to create your very own design! 

Knitting and Crochet

christmas wreath making.jpg

Flower Arrangement


Beeswax Wrap

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Sewing Class

If you ever wanted to sew a bag for yourself, make a purse for your mother or refashion some memorable clothes but never did it because of lacking skills and tools, come and join our sewing workshops. We have a fully equipped sewing room with high-end sewing machines, overlocker and embroidery machine.
Sewing Class for beginners
Quilting, Patchwork and Embroidery
Garment and Pattern making

Kids Class

Ensemble offers one of the kind kids after school classes for them to explore their creativities! From 6 months to teens all welcomed! Cooking class, art class, sewing class, dancing class, music class, STEM class and eco crafting class are provided.
Cooking Class
Sewing Class
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Eco Crafting Class
Music Class
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Science Class
Dance Class
Art Class
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