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Raise community consciousness on a healthy lifestyle through knowledge sharing, products, services and workshops.

Our Founder's Story

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Vickie The founder

Vickie is from Taiwan, settled in Hong Kong as her home. Retired early from banking world, Vickie started to explore her inner self. "Ensemble is a place to cause your reality and find out what you are capable of!"  Vickie helps woman entrepreneur to start up their business and teaches sewing and cooking classes at Ensemble.

Learn more why we set up Ensemble @ Sai Kung Magazine:

Want to conduct a very special workshops by your own?
Ensemble Co-Partners With You 

We believe in co-partnering and therefore, we are more than happy to work together with you in hosting your activities and workshops. 

Our Partners

Our partner / teachers classes all of them are one of the kind... eco crafting, baby-mother bounding through music, little movers (dance class), STEM class for young scientists, and we have a naturopathic doctor to practice and have clinic hours at Ensemble..


Dr. Ji Woon Min is  a family health strategist and a women's health expert. Her keen interest and special training in women's reproductive health allowed her to work with women from all walk of life. From fertility to pregnancy, postpartum and perimenopause, she helps women restore their health and hormonal balance naturally.


Ms. Carley has a degree in Environmental Management from The University of Queensland.  She has years of experience teaching a variety of subjects in schools, and learning centers across Hong Kong.  She is an approachable and fun teacher who loves creating fun learning experiences for kids.

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Ms. Nicola Lucas is an experienced piano teacher and accompanist, graduating from the University of Sheffield with a bachelors in music. She teaches "music with Henry" program at Ensemble and offers private music and  piano lessons. She is also the conductor of Sai Kung Choir.

And more is coming...
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