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Raise community consciousness on a healthy lifestyle through knowledge sharing, products, services and workshops.

Our Founder's Story

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Vickie The founder

We teach people how to cook the food they love, how to make the clothes they like and how to make very personalised gifts. Thanks to technology make the time consuming cooking, sewing , crafting easy. 
I am Vickie Hu, founder of Ensemble Co-Creating Space, a banker then decided to explore my other talents and help people with the same inspirations. In last 4 years I have been helped over 500 people / families to make their life easier and more fun!

Want to conduct a very special workshops by your own?
Ensemble Co-Partners With You 

We believe in co-partnering and therefore, we are more than happy to work together with you in hosting your activities and workshops. 

Our Team / Partners

We firmly believe two heads are better than one! We work with people / companies with same passion and the only thing that matters is to see the transformation of our customers! 


Lorrita Lai is our in house sewing and pattern making teacher. She is an active retiree from fashion industry. Lorrita worked for famous Hong Kong fashion designers like Water Ma etc. Her expertise is pattern making, dress making and alteration.

Lorrita has over 40 years experience in fashion and clothes making. She enjoys to play Ping Pong and her grandchildren and of course making her only clothes and teaches people who love to learn how to make their own pattern and clothes.

Mandy Mak is leading the company's production team and specializes in making our customer's dream design into production samples. Any fabric and ideas will become reality from Mandy's hand.

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Our Thermomix Advisor Team team! Join our team just like Bhen, Yvotte to share your cooking passion with others!

And more is coming...
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