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Full Guide: Guangzhou Biggest Fabric Market really worth to visit!

Guangzhou Fabric Market

It is known as Guangzhou Fabric Market because it is located near Sun Yat-Sen University, and alternatively referred to as Sun Yat-Sen University Fabric Market.

Although online shopping is very convenient now, when it comes to fabrics, personally seeing and touching them provides the utmost reassurance. People like us, who appreciate quality fabrics, prefer to personally select and purchase them. Sometimes, photos cannot accurately depict the true colors and textures, so I believe it's best to physically choose fabrics.

Previously, I introduced Taipei's Yongle Market. This time, let's explore the fabric market in Guangzhou, China.

The Guangzhou Fabric Market business district not only gathers numerous textile cities but is also closely connected to several garment-making villages in the surrounding area.

Guangzhou is a bustling city for both buyers and shop owners, featuring the renowned Guangzhou Zhongda Fabric Market. Located on Ruikang Road in Haizhu District, this market spans 14 buildings, with over 4,000 stalls offering a variety of domestic and international fabrics and garment accessories. It is a professional wholesale and retail market covering high, medium, and low-end products, as well as fashionable fabrics. It boasts the cheapest prices in the city, the highest sales volume, complete designs, innovative styles, and stays abreast of international trends. It is highly popular among business professionals, clothing manufacturers, and consumers.

Why is the Guangzhou Fabric Market worth visiting?

Whether you are a designer, a craft enthusiast, or someone obsessed with fabrics, Guangzhou Fabric Market is a must-visit. Everyone who has been there will love this place:

  1. Wholesale Prices: Wholesale prices are usually 50% lower than retail prices, making this market a treasure trove for cost-conscious buyers.

  2. Small Quantity Purchases: Even if you don't need to buy in large quantities, you can pay a bit more to get one or two meters, and it's still cheaper than retail prices.

  3. Diversity: Compared to Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong, the Guangzhou Fabric Market is larger, offering a dazzling array of fabrics and accessories.

  4. Unique Experience: Besides fabrics, there is a dedicated building selling accessories such as buttons and lace, making it a unique shopping experience.

  5. Free Samples: Each fabric store has prepared thousands of samples. If you see something you like, you can take it freely. The samples come with numbers and contact information for later communication.

  6. Open Year-round with Long Business Hours (may close for a few days during the Lunar New Year).

  7. Delivery Service: For samples, you can usually pick them up in the afternoon on the same day. Afterward, the store can ship them to your address, which needs to be negotiated with the store.

Geographical Location and Transportation of Guangzhou Fabric Market:

For those departing from Hong Kong, taking the high-speed train from West Kowloon Station to Guangzhou is a convenient and pleasant way. Let's take a closer look at how to get there:

  1. Ticket Purchase: Download the 12306 App, register, and follow the instructions to book and pay for tickets online. The journey from Hong Kong to Guangzhou South Station takes about an hour.

  2. Entry Procedures: Prepare your documents in advance and allow an hour for immigration and security checks. Purchase food and drinks before entering because there are no places to buy things after crossing the border (except for a few duty-free shops). The train carriage does not provide any food.

  3. Customs Clearance: Hong Kong residents only need to use the Hong Kong-Macau Home Return Permit (Taiwanese use the Taiwan Compatriot Permit), while foreigners need relevant visas. One-country-two-checks are implemented at West Kowloon Station, so both exit and entry procedures are done in Hong Kong. Once in Guangzhou, you can directly exit the gate. Note that all high-speed trains in China do not issue physical tickets; verification is done using documents.

Introduction to the Surrounding Floors of Guangzhou Fabric Market:

1.Guangzhou International Light Textile City (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, opposite Lao Changjiang):

  • First floor: Deals mainly with knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and solid/color-striped fabrics.

  • Basement: Focuses on accessories, including various buttons, decorations, patches, iron-on beads, lace, and trimmings.

  • Floors three to six: Specialize in high-end fabrics.

  • Seventh floor: Houses a dining and leisure area.

2.Guangzhou Lao Changjiang International Light Textile City (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, opposite International Light Textile City):

  • Mainly deals with various woven fabrics, chiffon fabrics, floral fabrics, winter velvet fabrics, and woolen fabrics.

3.Zhongda Jiuzhou Light Textile Plaza (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, adjacent to Wufeng East Market):

  • Specializes in various fashionable women's fabrics: knits, woven fabrics, stripes, Korean fabrics, floral prints, checks, and more.

4.Pearl River International Textile City (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, behind Yinling Plaza):

  • First floor: Focuses on various knitted and woven fabrics.

  • Floors two to three: Primarily fabric warehouses.

  • Floors four to six: Mainly house clothing studios and clothing companies.

5.Guangzhou Changjiang International Leather City (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, adjacent to Juhainan Street):

  • First floor: Deals with various woven and mesh fabrics.

  • Second floor and above: Mainly sells various genuine leather and collar materials.

6.Ruikang Lace World (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, next to Light Textile City):

  • First floor: Specializes in various lace, accessories, hat ropes, rubber bands, etc.

  • Second floor: Focuses on lace, trims, fabrics, and more.

7.Kongle South New Street (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, next to Jiuzhou):

  • Specializes in integrated clothing production, pattern making, printing and embroidery, clothing tags, buttonholes, washing, sewing supplies, etc.

8.Lixin Street (Exit D of Zhongda Metro Station, on the right of the metro elevator):

  • Specializes in cotton clothing, down jackets, windbreakers, sun protection clothing, lining fabrics, etc.

9.Guangzhou Hongmian Zhongda Gate/Light Textile Trading Park (Exit C1 of Zhongda Metro Station):

  • Mainly deals with various knitted and woven fabric manufacturers and warehouses on floors 1-3.

  • Floors 4-7: Mainly consist of design studios and clothing companies.

Based on my experience, if you have your eye on some fabric and want to take references for patterns, stores can provide free fabric swatches as color cards. If you want to purchase samples or retail, here are some suggestions:

  1. Selection Process: Merchants prepare fabric samples based on your preferences, taking approximately one day.

  2. Communication: Use WeChat to scan codes, take photos, and communicate with merchants for shopping.

  3. Price Negotiation: While small quantity purchases may not have much room for negotiation, bulk purchases provide an opportunity for price discussion.

Additionally, to ensure a smooth process, you need to understand and prepare the following essentials:

  • WeChat: Used for communication and ordering samples.

  • Shipping Address: It can be in Hong Kong or a shipping warehouse in China, providing the address for sample delivery.

  • Electronic Payments: Must have an Alipay or WeChat Pay account, as cash is rarely used in China.

  • Focus on a Specific Area: Know what you are looking for to avoid getting lost in the vast market.

Store Guide:

This time, I specifically went to the "Xiaohong" area to purchase some special fabrics. Different types of fabrics are distributed in different areas, so it's recommended to research the specific locations online or ask professional store owners locally; they will be happy to assist you.


Because the market is enormous, to avoid wasting time, it's best to visit and shop with a planned approach. When taking color cards, ask more questions such as fabric composition, density, bulk prices, availability, etc.

If you have also been to the Guangzhou Fabric Market, feel free to share your personal experiences and insights in the comments. Whether you are an experienced visitor or someone seeking more information, you are welcome to join the discussion!

The Guangzhou Fabric Market is a paradise for textile enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products at unparalleled prices. Plan your visit, explore unique items, and make the most of this extraordinary market.


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