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Yongle Market in Taiwan: a creative paradise for handicraft lovers

Creative Paradise: Taiwan Yongle Market

In a specific corner of Taiwan lies a paradise tailored for crafting enthusiasts - Taiwan Yongle Market. This market is not only the largest fabric market in Taiwan but also a pilgrimage site for world-renowned fashion and bag designers. This article will delve into this market filled with creativity and unique charm, and share some of my personally favorite stores.

The Unique Charm of Yongle Market

Yongle Market is located at 21, Section 1, Dihua Street in Taipei City and is one of Taiwan's most famous fabric markets. It is a must-visit for global fashion and bag designers due to its diverse selection and excellent quality of fabrics.

Unlike other fabric markets, the stores in Yongle Market display fabric rolls right at their storefronts, making it easy for customers to see the options. The situation is slightly different at the outdoor stalls in the Sham Shui Po Fabric Street. Another advantage of Yongle Market is its indoor environment, allowing you to shop comfortably without worrying about the weather.

Furthermore, the shopkeepers and owners at Yongle Market have in-depth knowledge of the products they sell and are happy to explain the characteristics of each fabric to customers. Even if you don't make a purchase, they are eager to answer your questions. This warmth and professionalism are characteristic of the Taiwanese market. Compared to some regions' indifferent attitude, the service here makes you feel warm and comfortable.

Location and Transportation of Yongle Market

To reach Yongle Market, you can exit from the underground passage at Taipei Main Station, walk along Ta Cheng Street, and head towards Dihua Street; you'll soon see Yongle Market. Of course, you can also rely on Google Maps for navigation. There are many snack shops and traditional dry goods stores on Dihua Street around the market, allowing you to taste authentic Taiwanese cuisine and traditional snacks while exploring the market.

Business Hours: 10:00-18:00, closed on Sundays

Yongle Market's Inside Floors

1st Floor: Mainly a vegetable market and some cooked food centers, with some tailor shops and sewing tool stores. Here, you can find various sewing-related materials and supplies.

2nd Floor: This floor is the retail and wholesale area for fabrics. You can find a diverse range of fabrics from Taiwan, Japan, and the United States, catering to various crafting needs.

3rd Floor: Also a wholesale area for fabrics, it also houses professional tailoring studios that offer custom services for curtains, pillowcases, duvet covers, stage costumes, and more.

My Favorite Store Recommendations

1. Cotton Home Co., Ltd. - Print Fabric Hub(棉之家有限公司 - 印花布總匯)

Address: 1st Floor, No. 251 Chang'an West Road, Datong District, Taipei City

Features: This fabric store in Datong District, Taipei City, offers a variety of fabrics, including Japanese and Taiwanese fabrics, with a focus on cotton. It's ideal for making bags, clothing, and handicrafts. The prices are reasonable, and there's a wide selection.

2.Golden Spring (金泉)

Address: Located in a nearby alley near Yongle Market

Features: Golden Spring specializes in sewing accessories, offering a range of accessories including zippers, ribbons, lace, buttons, and various sewing machine presser feet. Whether you're a domestic sewing enthusiast or an industrial sewing expert, they have what you need.

3. Hsin Lung Fa(興隆發)

Address: No. 1194 Yongle Market

Features: Hsin Lung Fa, located in Yongle Market, offers local and imported sewing accessories, including ribbons, material packs, tools, and various padding materials. They have a variety of choices from Japan, Taiwan, and the United States, including pure cotton and polyester materials. Additionally, they sell high-quality threads and various metal zippers.

4. Northern Cloth Store(北方布坊(Shop 2044))

Features: Mainly provides padding fabric, perfect for making warm clothing or blankets.

5. Jiawei Cloth Store(傑威布行(Shop 2043))

Features: This shop offers knit fabric, stretch fabric, waterproof fabric, and various Taiwanese-designed towel fabrics and double gauze.

6. Dong Da Fabric Store(東大布行(Shop 2009))

Features: Dong Da Cloth Store offers a variety of specialty fabrics, including natural canvas, raw fabric, cotton fabric, cotton-linen blend fabric, antique fabric, and velveteen. Their colors are mainly solid and suit those who appreciate an artistic and rustic style.

7. Dong Yi (東謚(Shop 2014))

Features: This shop specializes in gingham fabric, offering a variety of plaid patterns and colors to choose from.

8. Hua Hsing Cloth Store ( 華興布行(Shop 2018))

Features: This shop mainly sells fabrics imported from the United States. Although the prices are slightly higher, each piece of fabric has excellent design and quality.

9. Unknown(Shop 2046)

Features: This store offers high-quality suede fabric, suitable for various handicrafts and projects.

10 Zhenli Cloth Industry (振利布業(Shop 2078))

Features: Zhenli Cloth Industry mainly offers Taiwanese fabrics with a wide selection. Their exclusive "dog scratch fabric" is completely waterproof and suitable for making high-end bags and shoes.

11. Ya Zhu(雅筑(Shop 2080))

Features: Ya Zhu supplies soft fabrics like fleece, suitable for making warm clothing and dog beds.

12. Ming Xin(明信(Shop 2049))

Features: This shop mainly provides lining fabric, fabric lining, padding, zippers, threads, elastic bands, and other sewing materials. They also have Japanese hand tools available for selection.

Price and Quality Comparison

When purchasing fabric at Yongle Market, you'll find that Taiwanese fabric is more economical compared to Japanese fabric. While Japanese fabrics offer superior quality and texture, Taiwanese fabrics are also of high quality and are an affordable alternative. Especially when on a budget, choosing Taiwanese fabric is a wise decision. Additionally, the printing quality of Taiwanese fabrics is noticeably superior to fabrics from the mainland, ensuring the quality of your handmade products.

Padding fabric is one of the popular products at Yongle Market. Whether in thickness, thinness, or adhesive content, the padding produced in Taiwan is more reasonable in price and superior in quality compared to products from Hong Kong and the mainland. It is recommended to purchase padding fabric at Yongle Market, where you can obtain higher quality materials at a more affordable price.

In summary, Yongle Market is a paradise for crafters. Here, you can purchase all the tools, fabrics, and accessories you need in one go, saving you the hassle of going to multiple stores. These shop owners have decades of operating history, ensuring that you can find the fabrics you love in the long run. Moreover, each shop is happy to provide professional knowledge and recommendations to assist your purchases. If you are visiting for the first time, Yongle Market may seem like a maze, but after a few visits, you'll become familiar with it, and these shops seem to exist forever. Each shop has a long history of operation, allowing you to trust them for the long term.

Regardless of your preferred type of fabric, Yongle Market can definitely meet your needs. Here, you can find unique Taiwanese fabrics, imported fabrics, and various distinctive sewing materials. It's not just a shopping place; it's a place full of creativity and possibilities. Let's step into Yongle Market and explore this treasure trove of fabrics together!


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