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Introducing our exquisite Scrunchie Making Material Kit, a premium collection designed for crafting scrunchies with a touch of elegance. Elevate your accessories with our high-quality materials, carefully curated to ensure a luxurious feel and a stress-free hair experience.



  • Silk Touch Fabric (Black): Experience the epitome of luxury with our silk touch fabric. Elegant and refined, it strikes the perfect balance, offering a subdued shine while maintaining strength. The 70*11 cm piece provides ample material for creating multiple scrunchies.

  • Crystal Trim in Net (70 cm): Enhance your scrunchies with a touch of glamour. The 70 cm crystal trim, delicately encased in a high-quality net, not only adds a stylish edge but also protects your hair from any potential stress or damage.

  • Elastic Band (20 cm): Craft scrunchies that are both comfortable and stretchy. Our elastic bands ensure a snug fit without compromising on comfort, allowing for a seamless and secure hold.

  • Piping Foot (for Most Home Sewing Machines): Elevate your sewing experience with the included piping foot. Designed for compatibility with most home sewing machines, it is remarkably easy to use and built to last, making the scrunchie-making process a breeze.


Pamper yourself and your loved ones with this scrunchie making kit, priced at just HK$180. Elevate your crafting experience with high-end materials, ensuring that every scrunchie you create exudes sophistication and charm. Unleash your creativity and indulge in the art of scrunchie making with our luxurious kit.








絲感布料(黑色):使用我們的絲感布料體驗奢華的縮影。它優雅而精緻,達到了完美的平衡,在保持強度的同時提供柔和的光澤。 70*11 公分的單品提供了充足的材料來製作多個髮圈。

網狀水晶飾邊(70 公分):為您的髮圈增添一絲魅力。 70 公分的水晶飾邊精緻地包裹在高品質的網中,不僅增添了時尚的邊緣,還可以保護您的頭髮免受任何潛在的壓力或損傷。

鬆緊帶(20 公分):工藝髮圈,舒適且有彈性。我們的鬆緊帶確保緊密貼合,同時又不影響舒適度,從而實現無縫且牢固的固定。



用這款髮圈製作套件寵愛自己和您所愛的人,售價僅為 180 港幣。利用高端材料提升您的製作體驗,確保您製作的每件髮圈都散發著精緻和魅力。使用我們的豪華套件釋放您的創造力並沉迷於髮圈製作藝術。

Scrunchie Making Material Kit

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