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花樣 pattern: 180

人子 zigzag: X

鈕門 button hole: X

送布 feeding: X

靴壓 foot pressure: X

燈 light: 5 LED

蓋 cover: 軟 soft

梭床hook: 面梭 top

穿針threader: 自動 automatic

定針needle up/down: X

剪線 trimmer: ✓

速度 speed: 860

其他 misc: 開始/停止掣 start/stop button Hoop 200 x360mm Hoop 200 x 200mm Hoop 140 x 200mm Hoop 140 x 140mm

自選 Optional : Hoop 200 x 280mm Hoop 10 x 40mm Hoop 100 x 90mm

Janome MC550E

  • Free exchange at Show Room against manufacturing fault within 7 days. Machine 2 years warranty except wear & tear and misuse. On site service extra charge. 衣車兩年保用,不包損耗及不當使用. 七天內有壞包換. 上門另收費用.

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