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The t-shirt is made of soft, breathable cotton that will keep your furry friend cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. 


On the front of the t-shirt, there's a hilarious quote that reads "I work hard so my pawrents can have a better life." The words are written in bold, playful font that's sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.


Overall, this summer t-shirt is the perfect way to show off your dog's sense of humor and style while keeping them cool and comfortable in the summer heat. It's a conversation starter, a mood-lifter, and a guaranteed way to make people smile. So why not treat your furry friend to one today?





Back length

Breed reference


Up to 35 cm

22 cm

Toy / teacup


Up to 40 cm

27 cm

Yokie / Chihuahua


Up to 48 cm

32 cm

Westie / Jack Russel


Up to 55 cm

42 cm

Shiba / French bull dog

Dog T Shirt I work hard so my pawrents can have a better life summer T

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