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Discover the Latest Enhancements for Your Thermomix TM6: 5 Updates You Can't Afford to Miss

Get ready to enhance your culinary experience with the latest software update for your Thermomix TM6. The manufacturer has introduced several exciting updates that are sure to elevate your cooking game. From helpful recipe step videos to inspirational content and new modes, these updates will revolutionize your TM6 experience. In this blog post, we will explore five updates you can't afford to miss on your Thermomix TM6.

1. Brand New Recipe Step Videos: Have you ever wished for a visual guide while preparing a recipe on your TM6? With the latest update, your wish has been granted. The TM6 now offers recipe step videos for a variety of dishes during guided cooking. These videos are displayed directly on the TM6 screen, providing you with a clear demonstration of each step. Whether it's shaping dumplings or decorating a pie, these videos offer invaluable assistance. You have the option to play or skip them, depending on your preference. Some of the recipes that now feature step videos include Fresh Pasta Dough, Salmon Souffle Omelette, and Sticky Sesame Chicken.

2. Inspirational Videos: Unlock your culinary creativity with the new inspirational videos available on your TM6. These videos can be accessed while browsing Cookidoo on your app, desktop, or directly on the TM6 itself. They are designed to inspire you to explore new cuisines, techniques, and ideas. With audio accompaniment, these videos create an immersive experience that may even surprise you with music playing from your TM6.

3. New Egg Boiler Mode: Breakfast just got easier with the addition of the Egg Boiler mode. This new feature allows you to prepare eggs perfectly with just the touch of a button. Whether you prefer well-cooked, creamy, or runny eggs, the TM6 has you covered. Simply set your desired level of doneness from the five available options and let the TM6 take care of the rest. You can cook 2 to 6 eggs directly in the mixing bowl without the blades moving. Fill the bowl with water up to the 1-L mark and use medium-sized eggs for best results.

4. New Warm-up Mode: Reheating food is a common task in every kitchen, and now it's even easier with the new Warm-up mode. Whether you need to warm up chunky soups, milk, or baby food, this mode will gently heat your food while the blades rotate in reverse. For larger amounts or thicker consistencies, such as Bolognese sauce, you can use the butterfly whisk. This mode ensures your food reaches the perfect temperature without compromising its quality.

5. Enhanced Pre-cleaning Mode: Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze with the enhanced Pre-cleaning mode. This mode has been further improved to accommodate different cleaning needs based on the recipe you've prepared or the level of residue in your mixing bowl. Choose from four pre-clean variations: Dough, Universal, Fat and Caramel, and Browning. Whether you've made sticky desserts or hearty bread dough, the TM6 will efficiently clean up the mess, making your post-cooking routine effortless.

Stay ahead of the game by updating your Thermomix TM6 and embracing these incredible new features. From step-by-step recipe videos to inspirational content, egg boiling convenience, improved reheating, and enhanced pre-cleaning, your TM6 is now equipped with even more capabilities to enhance your cooking journey. Keep an eye out for the gradual rollout of these updates and ensure you're logged into Cookidoo for a seamless experience. Elevate your culinary skills and explore the endless possibilities with your Thermomix TM6.


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