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Start Your Cooking Journey with Ensemble

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Our cooking workshops use fresh and high-quality materials and provide the most unique cooking experience. If you are an expert, join us and enjoy the cooking journey; if you are a rookie, we will help realize your cooking potential that we believe everyone is born with. You will gain more insights in healthy lifestyle in these workshops as well.

christmas wreath making.jpg
Christmas Wreath Making


Make your own wreath with beautiful natural dried plants, cones, linen ribbons and fresh pine! And you will be working with our talented, UK certified florist Ms Julie Neville!

Price per person:$550



Halloween Pumpculent Workshop


Make this Halloween memorable - do something fun with your kid!
Make your own design of “succulent arrangement“ on the PUMPKIN and make it one of the kind center piece on your table for Halloween... and probably will last for one year! Feel free to bring a kid (no charge for the kid) to come!


$680 per person (1 adult + 1 child under 12)

Ensemble CO-Creating Space 112 Man Nin Street

Register before Oct 15 to get a free baby Pumpculent!

bread making with natural yeast.jpg
Bread Making with Natural Yeast


Sourdough... heard so much about it but don't know what it is or how to make it at home with ease? NO MORE waiting, doubting and feeling intimidating.
This is NOT a zoom class... as you need to see how our teacher does it and you need to do it yourself and our teacher can give you immediate feedback... the most important of all you need to taste it then you know what is a good and successful sourdough bread.

Our "sourdough" is:
NOT sour...
Easy to maintain

Sourdough bread is:
Super soft inside with a lot of "holes" and super crunchy outside (depends on recipes)
Full of prebiotics, more digestible and nutritious

Not only you can learn how to bread a proper bread but also bring home with the starter in the glass jar, a beeswax wrap and a pullman loaf tine!!


$550 per person

Ensemble CO-Creating Space 112 Man Nin Street

Book Now we only offer 2 beginner class in October on Saturday 17 and 31!

Cooking Class for Helpers


Not just a cooking class but we also teach your helper how to work smartly and process and keep the food correctly!

We also guarantee your helper will successfully make the dishes at home with free follow up sessions!

Learn all kind of cuisines and essentials.

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Chrismat Wreath Making
Halloween Pumpculent Workshop
Bread Making with Matural Yeast
Cooking Class For Helpers
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